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FOR USE IN FOUNDRIES: Vent Cores–get casting free of blowholes.

WHAT IS WAX ROPE: It has easy bending and non-deforming properties. A Cotton thread inside the rope is given to maintain continuity.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Venting intricate oil and air hardening cores. In general it can be used with all types of cores which go into oven for drying.

WHAT IT DOES: Cores embedded with wax rope, after baking or curing, the wax rope melts leaving behind a clean passage, for gases evolved to escape, which are generated during metal pouring.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Twist two ropes length-wise, while making the cores, place them in the area to be vented, extend it to the cores print. Care should be taken to extend all wax ropes to the core print. To get best result, make circular mark in core print area of the core that all wax terminated at that point, corresponding similar mark should be made on the pattern so that pepper holes are made in mould to allow wax to melt out during oven drying. Ropes can be joined easily by pressing and twisting.

PACKING: Wax Ropes are available in sizes (dia.) of 2.5 mm., 3 mm., 4 mm., 5 mm., 6 mm., 7 mm., 8 mm., 10 mm. and approximately 2.5 meters length and supplies in 10 kgs. corrugated boxes.